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lunes, 17 de octubre de 2016

'Museum. The serial killer is laughing in the rain', the frog that dove into deep influences

Keisho Ohtomo released his last film in Sitges Film Festival (Barcelona) and El Script También Cuenta had the great chance to be in the premiere and watch 'Museum', an intense psicothriller about a serial killer who turns  his pursuer into his favourite prey.

Sometimes, imprudent apprentices eat more water lily omelet than their stomachs can hold up. They get ill and frogs, poor of them, see how their ecosystem is harmed. Climate change has also a word to be said in this horrible problem; but the issue is that these charming amphibious are forced to dive into the cold water of the pond, in search of other else ideas, because with no water lilies, there is no inspiration.

The frogs I mean are Ryôsuke Tomoe and Keishi Ohtomo, writer of the manga in which the film is based, and the director of that one. External influences are more than evident, significant points of the plot remember us of 'Seven' (1997), 'Saw' saga, 'Sweeney Todd: The demon barber of Fleet Street' (2007) or even the first chapter of 'Black mirror' (2011).

Although the story could be more original, the film is far away from being boring. Actually, it has the virtue of clearing all sleepiness sign, even when it's siesta time and you've watched a six hours movie marathon last night. Ohtomo shoots with accuracy action scenes, spectacular and credible.

He also shows brilliantly an impersonal and cold Tokio where it's difficult to be safe. White lights and clear colours contrast with the dark clothes, and the cool behavior of its characters describes an individualist city, where each person lives in his own bubble, the perfect scenario to put the crime into practice. The atmosphere is oppressive and unhealthy.

However, beyond the intensity and the ambience, Ohtomo has not much more to offer. Many things are too similar to the most mediocre police series: a sweetened ending, more appropriate for a Disney production than for a violent thriller, a bizarre explanation about the aims of the villain that won't satisfy anybody, overactings and too many cries.

In summary, 'Museum. The serial killer is laughing in the rain' is a proper film for Sitges, with several contras and some lacunas, but a genre work with a lot of power, quite charisma and enough blood to please the audience of this unique festival.

The film will be released the 12th of November in Japan. We will have to wait a bit more to know new release dates, but we hope it will arrive to our screens soon.

The best: The presentation of the conflict.
The worst: The last fifteen minutes.

Grade: 6/10

Javier Haya

Click here to read the Spanish version of the review.

Unfortunately, the only trailer of the film is in Japanese.

A serial killer who wears a frog mask has terrified the city of Tokio with his crimes, at the same time cruel and thorough. Inspector Sawamura, in charge of the case, will try to figure out what the psycopath's  intentions are, but he doesn't suspect that the assassin has a nasty surprise for him.

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